Vitreoretinal Tamponades & Dyes
Silicone Oils

Silicone Oils

• The product is %100 Polydimethylsiloxane
• Polydimethylsiloxane has a property of less retinal toxicity and emulsification compared with purified silicone oil
• This product does not contain neither latex nor preservatives 
• Safe fractionation process extracting the low molecular compounds which makes the product more biocompatible
• It is easily injectable with any of the preferred systems (syringe or automated pump) and presented in glass vial or glass syringe
• The choice of viscosity offers an optimum balance between easy injection and a stable temporary tamponade
• Available from 1000-5000 cSt and each have a colour code on the packet side to be able to store and recognize easily

Product Properties

Product description: Presented in Glass Syringe or Glass Vial.
Store at room temperature