The Oertli surgical platform CataRhex 3 impressively demonstrates that great platforms can sometimes be very small. With hitherto unachieved compactness and a lightweight of five kilogrammes, the CataRhex 3 device is consistently geared to mobility and portability – without making any compromises on performance. easyPhaco technology ensures safe and efficient emulsification. Thanks to the HF capsulotomy tip, capsulorhexis has become incredibly easy. In the I/A mode, CortexMode ensures even greater safety. A compressor has been integrated for anterior vitrectomy, and in glaucoma surgery, the HFDS application ensures excellent long-term results.

Make the difference – with the CataRhex 3 by Oertli.

Small platform, great performance

The CataRhex 3 by Oertli is a consistently compact and portable surgical platform for cataract and glaucoma surgery. The whole load of Oertli’s innovative power is hidden in an impressively small housing. The perfectly precise flow control, the powerful performance and the high user-friendliness of the CataRhex 3, make it the ideal device in eye surgery – in any situation anywhere.

Fluidics – perfectly used

That it is for good reason Oertli is considered the innovative leader in eye surgery when it comes to making best use of fluidics and physics, is proved by the CataRhex 3 as well. The fluidics concept works with physical laws in a consistent way and makes additional software manipulations unnecessary. Nor is the CataRhex 3 device dependable on complicated electronics and sensor systems. Thanks to the perfect flow control of the peristaltic principle, the CataRhex 3 develops incredible precision and tremendous power, with easyPhaco in phaco emulsification, and in I/A and anterior vitrectomy. The flow can be controlled at steps of 0,1ml. With the innovative CortexMode, the I/A vacuum can be built up instantly, and the flow can nevertheless be precisely limited. The vacuum sensor integrated into the tubing system ensures reliable monitoring.

The multifunctional pedal

The strong multifunctional pedal of the CataRhex 3 enables reliable and precise steering and control of the system by making simple foot movements. The pedal is waterproof, requires very little space, and only weighs 2.6 kg. It can easily be moved aside with the foot and ensures fatigue-free operation.

Precise flow control

The flow control of the peristaltic pump of the CataRhex 3 allows for perfect control and absolute precision. Vacuum build-up happens in an incredibly short time. In their finest form, flow and vacuum then become a dynamic tool allowing for incredibly fast and precise surgery in the anterior segment.

Simple and safe operation

Especially in unusual situations or under pressure of time, it is essential that eye surgery can be performed simply and efficiently. That is why the surgical platform CataRhex 3 has been consistently geared to user-friendliness and does without complicated menu navigation. Entries and commands can be easily performed via pleasantly tangible keys. Each of the clearly arranged operating buttons always has the same function, which can be activated instantly by key pressure. This makes sure that – when it has to go quickly – it actually goes quickly.

Accessories of unique quality

As all Oertli devices, the CataRhex 3 surgical platform is a closed system that does not only comprise perfectly matching instruments but also tailor-made device accessories. The optional infusion pole and the easily mountable instrument table make the CataRhex 3 a flexible surgical platform. And, the both handy and elegant carrying case ensures easy and comfortable transportation of this mobile device.


With the CataRhex 3, everything that matches has come together. This particularly applies to the instruments, which have been perfectly integrated into the surgical system. The hand pieces of high-quality titanium are ergonomic master accomplishments that demonstrate tailor-made perfection in every respect. And, easyPhaco is a success story for itself.